Trace, you’re a great competitor and a better human bring. I can’t wait to see you conquering the world. And definitely I can’t wait to see you competing!! I’ve seen some videos of your late performances and I love to see your improvement.

Luis Fernando Jimenez

Think of the images you saw of major leaders embracing GM RHEE and reflect on what you are now providing with TForce! You should be proud as you are inspiring others through your actions.

Carmichael Simon, Legendary Martial Artist and Choreographer

Hands down one of the most down to earth, passionate people I’ve met. You blew me away with your talent and skill but even more so with your great personality and hunger to always improve. The only reason you are who you are and you’re successful is because of the heart, blood, sweat, and tears you put into your craft. You’ve made an impact on those around you and motivate others to want to achieve what you have at such a young age. There are people young and old who admire what you do and your instructors (past and present) have clearly made a profound impact on your life.

Julia McQuade, Martial Arts

I am always surprised by how humble you are given how many accomplishments you have made. My son loves to work with you and I consider you a part of our family. You bring out the best in your students and yourself. You can’t ask for more than that.

Amy Mercer, Parent of very talented Martial Artist
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