TForceElite: Camp of Champions

TForceElite: Camp of Champions

Extreme and Creative Martial Arts Seminars and Private Lessons


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Camp of Champions, hosted by TForceElite is designed to be different then other camps. The camp is designed for martial artist wanting to improve to the next level.  It is open from white belts to black belts and all ages, all that is asked is that you want to be there!

Camp of Champions focuses on Extreme and Creative Martial Arts.  Everything is based off of solid traditional fundamentals but then altered to fit the Extreme/Creative styles that have become exceedingly popular today.  Who doesn’t want to be a Ninja Turtle or the Next Super Hero!

We will cover weapons techniques (Kamas, Chucks and Bo Staff), open hand combinations, advanced kicking and flipping and work to either improve your current form or help you to create your own.

The camps are high energy with no “boring parts”.  Martial Artists will find the day goes by extremely fast and the enthusiasm level is off the charts.  Above I stated the Camp is different than other camps!  It is!  We cap the camp and have a great student to instructor ratio.  We will not continue to add martial artists because we have space or because more request to join than we can effectively instruct.  We have had to turn martial artists away. We keep our prices below industry levels and provide a fantastic learning environment where you will get one on one attention.

So are you ready to take your Extreme Martial Arts to the next level….that may be hitting some specific techniques you want to learn or it may be winning a world title!

Extreme Martial Arts is unique in that it translates to every league…If you are ATA, NASKA, NBL, AOK, The League, TKO, USKA and on and on what you learn in this camp will work and win in all of these leagues.

We look forward to training with you at a Camp of Champions near you…or not so near you as many of the martial artist fly in from other states for the camp.

“Training for a New Breed of Martial Artist”

Dallas, Texas 76051
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