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Hubble ATA Masters Academy - Camp of Champions – 2/7-2/9 2014 – Sierra Vista, AZ

Are you ready to be a State or World Champion.  I have trained all of them.  TForceElite offers training for a new brand of martial artists.  If you are reading this you are one of them.

I offer a wide variety of martial arts training. My specialty is Extreme and Creative Bo Staff. I also compete and train Creative Open Hand Forms. I have run over 30 seminars ranging from five students to 20. Reference names are listed. Contact information is on a request only basis.

I am available for seminars and private lessons nationwide. I also conduct private lessons at my own Dojo.

I currently instruct 7 full time students ranging from color belts to Masters. My youngest student is currently 5 but it is never too early or late to start.

My services include:

  1. Form tweaking for those with a form
  2. Form development
  3. Music editing
  4. Attitude and confidence building
  5. Having FUN

I try not to train competitors competing against each other in age groups or in leagues/associations.  Please use my Contact Us tab for pricing.

References – Martial Arts School Owners

1)     Master Amy Seeling. North Texas Karate Academy

2)     Master Kevin Rose. American Taekwondo Association

3)     Master Dewey Sutton. TKO Karate

4)     Master Jang Lee. World Taekwondo Federation

5)     Master Wayne Nguyen. TKO Karate

6)     Master Eric Pechacek.  American Taekwondo Association

7)     Mr. Sam Vigers. American Taekwondo Association

8)     Miss Christy Jackson. American Taekwondo Association

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